North Korea will Nuke
us if forced to!!

Interview with Park Yong Chol, at Pyongyang, North Korea with CNN. At 11:23 AM on Thursday May 7, 2015

Kim Jong Un feels threatened, so he is putting propaganda out that is showing him commanding his soldiers. An N. Korean insider granted CNN an interview on him which is rare. Kim is killing off his opponents baseless and groundless. He does not deny that executions take place here. They will keep upgrading nukes if there un-deflect form the US. People are also saying Korea has a network of brutal prison camps. Korea is still threatening to nuke us if forced.

This reminds me of the Intolerable Act, because people made the king mad and he threatened people by making more horrible laws and he tried to punish the Englishmen for throwing tea into the harbor . North Korea is threatening to nuke us because he feels threatened by us.

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