Uday Joshi of Massachusetts - New Mexico

For over 14 years Uday Joshi of Massachusetts has lived in the New Mexico area, working as a Hearing Examiner in the state. He currently works on New Mexico’s water resources to regulate the supply and demand of water in the state. He graduated from the University of New Mexico and then continued on to law school.

Uday Joshi Massachusetts is both an attorney and advisor, He works behind the scenes, caring about one of our most precious resources and something that we take for granted: water. Having some involvement in water management has always been on his mind and something that he has dreamed about since he was a young man. That’s what led him to seek an education at the University of New Mexico and get a master’s degree in Water Resources.

He decided to keep going and gain further education in the area. He wanted to not only become an expert on the subject, but also be able to fight for existing water rights and water security for the generations to come. That's when Uday Joshi decided to attend law school and learn about the various laws and regulations that surround water as a natural resource. He also studied about ecology and the living things that are affected by water shortages, and so on. Currently his occupation requires him to look for solutions to making sure that the New Mexico has sustainable water resources for its urban and rural communities.

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