Joshi Massachusetts - New Mexico’s Water

Uday Joshi of New Mexico, DC and Massachusetts explores water usage, rights, and storage. He acts as a Hearing Examiner in the state of New Mexico after many years of gaining an education to refine his expertise in the subject. He received a master’s in Water Resources, which he graduated with honors in, and then got his Juris Doctor from the University of New Mexico. Over his career, he has focused on dilemmas with the water resources in the state of New Mexico, including watersheds, water rights, and water infrastructure and economic development. He specializes in areas of water security, and water development both in rural and urban water utilities.

Uday Joshi of Massachusetts currently resides in New Mexico and works hard at his job as the Hearing Examiner in Albuquerque. There, he specializes in the laws and policies associated with water development in that area. He understands the geology, hydrology, policy, and law that goes into water development, and can guarantee results for the desired goal. Still today, he continues to contribute to areas of water security, infrastructure, and investment in rural utilities for safe potable water. Uday Joshi is interested in modernizing the storage usage and how things are done on that front for a more efficient way of using that resource.

Uday Joshi has a passion for our natural resource of water, and we couldn’t have asked for a better guardian within the boundaries of New Mexico. He has studied various topics that surround the issues of water, and he specializes in issues such as watershed health, modernized water infrastructure, water delivery to rural communities, and the modernization of technology to help our water affect us in a more positive way.

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