Tyler Schmitz


My family socialized me in many different aspects in numerous ways. My family is the main contributor of me understanding American culture and how life is lived in this country. My family also influenced me to acknowledge the importance of my German heritage. One of the most important ways I was socialized was in learning proper manners and to be polite.  My family established the city I was born in and the state I was born in and raised during my entire life. My family determined the way I was raised and exposed  to the type of technology that existed during that time period. My family controlled what cartoons I watched and it was these shows that impacted my early life.


School is crucial in socialization in not only education, but also learning proper etiquette and the "hidden curriculum" that existed all throughout school.  School socialized me to  be able to work with all different types of individuals whether you get along with them or not. School also socialized me in important American history and culture that was needed for every kid while they grow up. Other important lessons schools socialized me in is responsibility for my own actions and respect for others around me. School also socialized me by teaching me proper literacy at an early age. These concepts are crucial to understand at an early age and to carry on for the rest of my life.


My peers played an important role in socializing me in my identity, my own role, and what I enjoy to do. My peers impacted me by the types of sports we would play either with or against each other. These include my types of hobbies whether it be playing sports, watching sports, or even playing sports video games. Peers also socialized me and influenced the type of music I listen to, the music I like, and the music I dislike. I have also been influenced in the type of movies and television I watch and consider good because of my peers. The video represents a way my peers have influenced me by being a fan of watching football and also being a fan of Ohio State when watching football. Peers contribute to multiple aspects of socialization in everyday life.


Mass media has been crucial in socializing me in aspects not just confined to my local area that I have been raised in. The internet is a form of media that has socialized and influenced me by looking at viral concepts and ideas, and also by connecting individuals to each other from across the world. World news that is crucial across the globe is expressed through mass media and has socialized me. World news helps me understand life outside of just where I live and taught me how important it is to be socially aware of what is going on. Mass Media also socialized me to know how other countries live their everyday lives and to understand their culture in case I ever may visit that country. The video represents a huge event that is important to know that was spread like wildfire across mass media all over the world.

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