The Chili pepper originated in the Americas. They have been apart of American food since 7500 BC. Because of Columbus, Chili peppers moved to many different regions in the world including Spain, Portugal, and Asia. It is said that once the peppers got to Europe they spread quickly due to traders. Coming from Mexico and making it to India, the Chili had a long trip but spread rather quickly after they got out of the Americas.

The Chili pepper has influenced many cultures to the point where most modern day countires use the Chili pepper for everyday. Most cultures today use Chilis as a necessary ingredient to their food and lifestyle.

-Curry is one major dish eaten in African cultures as well as in India. Curry is a spicy dish that is usually eaten with some type of bread, yet the main point of the dis is the spice. Also in poor countries, such a s Ethiopia, the peppers in curry are used to mask the taste of rotten or spoiled meat.

-Paprikash is a hungarian food more commonly known in America as paprika chicken. This dish originated in Hungry, which was known for making the spice by drying and grinding the chilies into a powder which is widely used in every culture today.

-Kimchi is a Korean dish that uses the leaves of the Chili plants. Unlike most berry plants whose leaves are toxic, the chili leaves can be eaten allowing more produce to come from the one plant. Kimchi is Korean's national dish. Without chili pepper leaves this dish would have never been created in the first place.

There a variety of dishes that use chili peppers across the world. Some of these dishes include the Korean kimchi, the Hungarian Paprikash, and the Polish Paprykarz szczecinski.

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