1/28/15 Do You Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree?

Being loyal to your family- strongly agree.- it's family their all you got when you mess up in life - I could never turn my back on my family - we have our ups and downs but I'll still keep a secret till the day I die.

Power corrupts those who have it- Agree.- people who have power will one day fall - its like being president you can't be the big dog forever.

People should be punished for breaking the law- Agree.- depending on the crime of course if you get pulled over for having the middle light on to me that would mean that the cop that pulled you over was just acting.
recently I started watching this show and in this show this man put his dad in prison for having someone kill his parents for the life insurance to start his own company.. It took 14 years for this man to be convicted... That's why I say that it really just depends on the crime that's being committed.

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3 years ago

Your third example totally destroys your first paragraph, Daisah. You have good ideas overall. Your writing needs to be cleaned up; if you need help with this, please ask me.