The Fault In our Stars
By: John Green
Genre: Fiction

This story has many moods but I think that it was happy, exiting, sad, afraid, and nervous. All these moods go throughout the whole story. But happiness & sadness are the main moods you will probably see.

This book talks about how A young girl with cancer takes a journey with this young man who is 17. hazel can't really do much in the condition in which she is. You should know that maybe okay will be our always

 John green is an American author , critic , historian and a web host as well. He is currently 37 years old and has two children. He has written seven books , which are all fiction , they were also award winning as well.  

This is a picture of Amsterdam,Netherlands , where they went to meet the author of the book a book and an affliction. They had a good trip but after all there was something that went slightly wrong.

Now this is a picture of Indiana, Indianapolis . This is were she lives . She has a good life but there is just this one swing set That brings back so much memories.

The main character of the story is Hazel Grace a 16 year old girl with cancer. She was a young girl who didn't really like to go out. But one day she came upon Someone who would change her life forever.

A conflict In the story was when Hazel did not want to go to support group. But she overcame it by going & meeting someone who would change her life forever.

Well I believe that this book has many themes , but I think the one that you can follow through the whole story is family, love and courage.

I liked this book because it had so many good quotes. But it has so many different moods and actions as well. But to be honest I watched the movie first , but I wanted to read the book after. And a part I always remember Is that hazel was a strong person who didn't give up.

"That's the thing about pain it demands to be felt" this quote goes throughout the whole story.

I would recommend the viewers to go  read this book because it is very interesting , & you can take a great adventure with hazel & augustus .

I would recommend anyone who likes romance movies/books to read this because it contains lots of love. But This book is funny and sad as well.