Secret Service Project                                                                              By,   Harrison S.

       Helping others is helping yourself. People should always help others, and we could live a perfect life! The past 7 days we have secretly done nice things for people without them finding out. We have made people feel amazing about there lives and have gotten the good feeling of making a person's day. It was hard at the start, but in the long run, if everyone did this every day, our lives would be perfect and the world would be a nicer place. The project was called secret service, where we do every day things to help other people out, or put them in a good mood after having a bad day. It not only makes them feel good, but makes you feel good.

        The first day, I had a hard time deciding what I was going to do for my family and friends, so I decided to go with whatever happened that day instead of picking out what I was going to do. I was at my dad's house over the weekend. Me and my dad were shooting a game of pool, when I thought I could take care of my dad's dogs because they have a kennel next to the pool table. Whenever someone hit a ball, they barked, which made me think about them. So, I took them out after the game, played with them, and kept them company until I had to put them back in. I told my dad that I had already taken them out when he was going to and he was happy, it made me feel happy too. I then realized that this wasn't really homework, it was just basic things that we can do everyday to make others' lives easier. On the second day, I remembered  that my fifth grade teacher, Ms.Brooks gave us typing homework. I told my sister that I could help her do some of it since I have almost already finished my third period typing classes two weeks ahead of everyone else.  I asked her if I could check any of the homework she had already done, and she had math homework. I made sure everything was right and helped her with the last question.

     On the third day of this secret project, I decided to walk around my small neighborhood after school, and greet some neighbors who just got home from picking there kids up from school. They smiled back and usually said hey, or how are you today? On the forth day, my sister and my mom were going on a field trip to the space and rocket center, and I was going to be home alone, so this time I took care of the dogs at my house, let them out, and cleaned the mess they made in the kitchen. When they got home, my mom was pleased to see everything was cleaned up, and was so happy she got me a milkshake from TCBY. On the fifth day, I did a very nice thing for my sister and decided to scratch my plan of eating all of her candy, and let her keep it, and I also helped give out candy, so my mom didn't have to answer the door every time someone came.

      On the last day, Saturday, I had 3 soccer games. I went to my dads after the last game, and we watched football. I love to watch football with my dad, but there is another person who watches with us named Mr. Jack, and it's the worst to watch with him because he falls asleep with the channel changer and snores so loudly we can't hear the T.V. We can't change the volume because he wakes up when we try to get the remote. That is an accomplishment in itself to survive watching football with him, and not wake him up. My hardest day was the last day, but the best day was the day I was rewarded a milkshake from my mom. I had a fun time doing this project, and I believe it should be done daily without realizing you helped someone out a lot!

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