Work Stations

Workstations are predetermined areas in the classroom where individuals or groups of students work to complete a task using designated instructional materials for students to explore, practice, and create while expanding their learning .

Ideas to Consider When Using Work Stations:

  • Each workstation and its materials must be aligned to a specific objective.
  • Activities in each work station should be differentiated and engaging.
  • Student grouping should be intentional and resources should be organized for each station's expected outcomes.
  • Consider what you want each station's' "take away" or final "product" to be.
  • Employ "Time Keeping" strategies to maintain an orderly progression of station rotations.
  • Model appropriate behavior and expectations when working in stations. Consider jobs and/ or roles for students.

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Bonus Resource

Explore this blog on "Modifying the Flipped Classroom." It provides some great ideas and solutions to incorporating stations in classrooms.