How to be "lucky" all the time

The energy boomerang phenomenon

It's not luck. Those who have it will tell you the same. They don't just get lucky. They make their luck. But how do you do that? Fair enough question--Easy enough answer:

Difficult, habitual application.

Everyday you have the opportunity to make someone else's day better. It could be a simple smile at a stranger, a moment of patience to let someone walk across the street, or even an encouraging phone call to a friend.  We can do this by giving people a piece of who we are and what we believe in during these interactions.  We can show them the meaning of life in single moment. Everywhere, every minute we are presented with this chance to make someone elses day more bright.

So how does buying a cup of coffee for the person behind me in the drive through line make me luckier?

That's NOT how you become lucky. You become lucky when you realize that life is about these precious, one second interactions with people in the world. Be it a stranger, a friend, or even family (the most important), these interactions define our character. Although some believe this form of nostalgic thinking is crazy, I promise you, I am. But getting "lucky" everytime you look for parking on Sunset Blvd is pretty crazy too. The point is, when you put out positive energy, it comes back. But it's not only about putting it out and searching for it back. The lucky ones see the beauty in every moment. Because of this way of thinking, I consider myself to be very lucky. It took me time to learn how to think in this way, but it comes naturally after difficult, habitual application.

If you change the way you view situations, your life will improve. Instead of reacting irrationally during any given moment, take a step back-a deep breath-and consider the perspective/situation of the OTHER person. REALLY considerate it, and try to think of all the possibilities of why they would do what they just did or said.

Instead of flipping off Asian drivers every time they cut you off on the road, take a step back and consider that because of this negative stereotype that has surrounded them their entire lives, they might be more cautious with their driving. They were always scared to drive, and didn't practice like you and I. They are still "learning" on the road, and we need to pay extra attention to them. "Great try" and "you almost made that 5 point turn" are better than, "You suck" and "Go Die." Instead, help guide them with your bumpers and POSITIVE words of encouragement.

IF you take that extra second to consider the other party, not only will you be more comfortable after you have reacted, but you will also react in a more positive way that will come back to reward your future self. Send out these positive vibes and good energy every chance you get and you will be rewarded ten times over. People will smile back. They will pay for your coffee. And you might even find yourself on a date with a really cute girl who you let take the parking spot you were waiting forever for.*

*You remembered what your mother taught you, "ladies first."  

Make your own luck by being a positive person and taking that extra second to react. But please don't take too long, I am trying to buy coffee for the person behind me too.

-Constantly Learning