C, H, O come in abundance from the atmosphere.

Nutrients is the available & type of elements in a plant.

Micronutrients are nutrients in the smallest quantities. Ex. Iron, Zinc

Macronutrients are nutrients required in large quantities.

Inorganic fertilizer is non-living sources and area in soluble form so they can be quickly made available to plants. Ex. minerals, rocks

Organic fertilizer is from plant & animal materials, is slow acting & long lasting. Ex. animal manure, soybean meal, mulch.

An example nutrient deficiency would be potassium, it starts to yellow in the veins, & the leaf tips start to curl- potash.

Nutrient deficiency
Iron - Micronutrients
Zinc - Micronutrients
Rocks & Minerals - Inorganic Fertilizer
Animal Manure - Organic Fertilizer

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