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Our Attractions

Uni-Verse; Christchurch, Lyttelton New Zealand

Attraction Listings


-Lyttelton Port and Harbour (Beautiful view of the harbours surrounding mountains)

-Ohinetahi Garden (Vast green garden filled with gazebos, various plant life, and pool house)

-Arthur's Pass National Park (Great for its hiking trails, wildlife, and outdoor scenery)


-Lyttelton Farmers Market (Enjoy fresh fruit/veggies during your stay, from the social market)

-Lyttelton Museum

-Lyttelton Theater


-Quail Island Ferry Ride (ride the ferry over to quail island for just $25 and personally view the walking trails and historical sunken ships)

-KBC Tours (View the expansive coastal and mountain scenery with a sneak peek at the earthquake affected city)

-Banks Peninsula Harbour Cruise (9.5 hour cruise that takes you through the area of Lyttelton and Akaroa, stopping at the town’s cheese factory)


-Volo Jet ski Adventures (have an exhilarating jet ski ride, perfect for those seeking adventure)

-Canoeing and Kayaking (explore the beautiful rivers or flowing rapids on your choice of route)

-Diving and Snorkeling (see what is beneath the water’s surface during an underwater tour of the plant and fish life)

-Gliding/Paragliding (Enjoy these two airborne activities while flying the skyline with personal instructor)

-Horse Riding Treks

-Paintball and Laser Games (Take time to participate in these two skillful, tactical, hands on games)

Dining and Cuisine

-Papa’s Pizza

-Honey Pot Pizza Bar

-Denny’s Family Restaurant

-Burger Wisconsin (Family)

-Distinctive Dining (Fancy)

-Paradise Estates (Fancy)

-Yummy Chinese Cuisine

-Lin Chinese restaurant and bar

-Dragon Garden Chinese Restaurant

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