Bui Duy Binh.
Bui Duy Binh is 11 years old.
He lives with his mom, dad, and younger brother.
Getting ready for school. He gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth and gets ready for school. His mom usually makes his breakfast but today he goes and buys pho  a beef noodle soup from a street vendor.  
Going to school. Then he gets a ride from his mom or dad on their motorcycle, because not many people can afford cars because of the traffic their.
Starting the school day. He goes to school and every Monday they start the school day by saluting Ho Chi Minh. Then they sing songs to honor there country. In every school and house there is a picture of Ho Chi Minh.  
Going home after school. After school ends he goes home and waters the plants on top of his roof top. Then when his mother gets home his family sites down and eats dinner.  Then he reads and takes a nap.
What he does after he wakes up from his nap. When he wakes up from his nap he eats a yogurt or a fruit and starts studding. Sometimes he will take a walk but he stays close to the neighborhood.
Helping mom make dinner. Then he helps his mom make dinner for him and the rest of his family.
Getting ready for school. I get woke up for school go to my kitchen and eat. After i'm done eating I take my medicine for school. Then I go get dressed and get my chrome book for school.
Starting the school day. I get off the bus and go to the gym and wait to be dismissed to first period. When I get to first period I sit down and wait for the bell to ring. Once the bell rings we all stand up and turn towards are flag and say the pledge of allegiance.
How my school day goes. My school day goes good sometimes and other times I don't want to be at school. The reasons I don't want to be at school sometimes is because when ever I walk down the hall way I get laughed at or here people calling me names. But I don't let it get to me because I know that I have true friends and a life to live forward to. So after I go from first to second to third i'm ready to go home but I cant.
Going home. So after I go through all my classes at school the bell rings at 2:45 and it is then time for me to go home. So I go to my locker and get my things to go home. Then I go to the front of my school and wait until the first round of buses leave so I can walk down to the spot were I need to stand to get on my bus.
Getting off the bus. So when the bus comes to my house I get up and walk off the bus and into my house. I put down all my things from school and I go into my room and do home work.   
Getting ready for bed. So after I get all of my homework done I go down stares and play Xbox or take a nap. Then I go up stares to eat dinner. After i'm done eating dinner I go get a shower and go to bed.
My life compared to Bui Duy Binh life is a lot different. Are lives are different because I get to ride a bus to school and he has to ride a motorcycle to school. He has to salute to start school and I have to put one hand behind my back and my right hand on my heart. He has to watch what he does around his home because the roads are dangerous. I get to play Xbox and play in a field and he only gets to study or read.

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