Soccer and Eric Gilbert, Deerfield IL

Illinois Wesleyan University student Eric Gilbert of Deerfield is known for a variety of achievements. He is on track to complete his bachelor’s degree in business with a focus on marketing and a minor in English. He is also an accomplished athlete who played a variety of youth sports. It was clear as a young man that he was athletically talented; he made every effort to expand and build upon this natural gift. Today Eric Gilbert Deerfield IL plays soccer for the University and has been a starter on its intercollegiate competitive team for the last two years. Along the way, he has seen some great competition and made a name for himself as a fierce competitive spirit on the field. This is the product of an incredible amount of hard work and focus on weaknesses, strengths and teamwork. Gilbert has put in long hours working on drills, skills, conditioning, strength and speed to improve his game. Soccer has been a big part of his life; he hopes to continue his association with the game after he graduates by working for a sports team or as a sports writer. He is currently the Sports Editor for the school’s official newspaper and envisions a sports-centered career of some type ahead for him. There is little reason to doubt that he will achieve this goal.

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