Thursday, June 25, 2015

Please turn in all signed progress reports from parents

1) Complete the Pretest Warm Up Sheet
#23, 25-28

Complete the pretest warmup sheet, THEN paste the sheet on p. 20 of Interactive Notebook

2) Daily Learning Objective

Turn to page 4 in your interactive notebook. Write down:

June 25, 2015-same as Wednesday

3) Revise Reading Plus Writing Response & Write your 3rd Reading Plus Response

  1. Go to your writing tab in Reading Plus.
  2. Select your June 11th writing response AND copy it.
  3. Go to your Google Docs, Click the "+" sign to create a new document
  4. Name the new document "Weekly Blog"
  5. Paste your June 11th written responses in the "Weekly Blog"
  6. THEN Select your June 18th writing response AND copy it.
  7. Paste your June 18th written response below the June 11th response.
  8. Read the comments I gave for each week's response
  9. Use those comments to revise your response in your Weekly Blog document.
  10. Choose another story to write a response using the format given on the wall.

5) Passion Project Research Checklist

  • Should be completed:
  1. About Me
  2. Character Traits
  3. Passion Project Introduction blurb
  4. Inquiry questions with paragraph answer that has the research and your words in them
  5. Citations in ABC order
  6. Weekly Blog with 3 story responses

Passion project requirements in proposal

  • Revise your research information found from Easy Bib resources into paragraphs responses.
  • On your project proposal page in google docs, start a new page,
  • Type your inquiry question,
  • Type your response using the details found from EasyBib resouces reviewed
  • On a new page after you have written the 3 inquiry questions and their responses, copy the citations collected,
  • Last, arrange them in ABC order.