Methods/Types and Functions

When you see this image what do you think of first?

Perceptions of Assessment

When we see the image above do we think exam? or do we see eye test? The interesting point to make is that we all see different things and if we tell a student they are doing a test will they react the same as if we told them they are doing an exam?

We have to be mindful of the terminology we use and how it may impact. Everyone will perceive what we say differently.

Types of Assessment

When we see the runner above we assume they must be a regular experienced runner. He has the relevant clothing, he looks like he has good fitness and the photograph would suggest an element of technique is applied. However if we think about types of assessment we can measure his running style using Ipsative, Criterion-referenced or norm-referenced assessment.


Present performance against the prior performance is the measure here.


An estimate of the position of the tested individual in a predefined population.


Driving tests are criterion-referenced tests, because their goal is to see whether the test taker is skilled enough to be granted a driver's license, not to see whether one test taker is more skilled than another test taker

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