Cell Analogy

A Mansion

The Cell Membrane: (Gate) Because they both control what goes in and out of the "cell"/Mansion.

Cytoplasm: (Grass/floor) Like the cytoplasm it fills the space between objects, and the floor holds things like pilers up.

Nucleus: (People) Because like the nucleus people control what goes on in the house/cell.

Mitochondria: (Electricity Circuit) both process and transfer electricity/energy.

Endoplasmic Reticulum: (Furniture) They both take up space in the floor/cytoplasm.

Ribosomes: (Kitchen) Like the ribosomes the kitchen provides "Proteins" for the people as the ribosomes build proteins for the cell.

Golgi Apparatus: (Servants) The servants distribute clean laundry or food like the golgi distributes new proteins and lipids.

Lysosomes: (Garbage Can) because both get rid of the "garbage" of the cell/house.

Peroxisomes: (Laundry Room) It cleans out the bad things in clothes like the peroxisomes break down poisonous peroxide produced by body functions

Flagella/Cilia: (Garage) Like the Flagella helps the cell to move through the body  the Garage holds the cars to help the humans inside the house move.

Centrioles: (Cabinets) like the centrioles store things for the cell so do cabinets for the house.

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