Gun Control

By: Ashley Frawley


Republicans oppose gun control laws. They strongly support the second amendment and the right to carry concealed weapons. Supported by the National Rifle Association.

Democrates favor more gun control laws. They oppose the right to carry a weapon in public places. Supported by the National Gun Control INC.

The Second Amendment states the right to bear arms, have the right to firearms for individual use and for a militia.                                                                                                                          


In District of Colombia v. Heller(2008) the court ruled that the second amendment protects right to bear arms in a case such as self defense.

In McDonald v. Chicago(2010) the courts limit state and local governements to the same extent.

In my opinion, people are protected under the constitution to carry firearms so one should be granted the right. I do however believe there should be strict laws and regulations for people wishing to purchase a firearm and use them. People that do purchase and use them illegally should be severly punished.

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