Digital Simile

Gifster is a social media site that revolves around gifs.


How do you like a gif?

To like a gif, click on the red heart next to it. Other Gifster users can also like the gifs you post.

How do you play a gif?

To play a gif, scroll over it with your mouse cursor.

How do you find other Gifster users?

To find other users to follow, look them up in the search bar located to the upper left of the screen.

How does one log out/in?

To log out, locate the 'Log Out' button in the upper right of the screen and click on it. When you are logged out, a 'log in' button will be in it's place.

How can you see how many followers you have?

To view your follower count, look for 'Followers:' by your username at the right part of your screen (the profile section of the screen).

My digital simile is 'like a unicorn because it's nonexistent' considering I have no social media. I deleted it all a while back and therefore have no involvement.

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