Go Skate Day

I've been skating For about 3 years with my best friend Anthony. He introduced me to a few of his friends that skate, and we all started to become friends and now we skate whenever we can get on a board. For some of us skating is like a drug, you always want it and its hard to stop. Every year on june 21, we all meet up at one of our skate spots and take part in Go Skate Day. This year I hope to have my cameras put together so we can get film for our skate team.

We recently made a skate team called Resolve Skateboards, we are sponsored by 8bolts apparel. 8bolts apparel makes our t-shirts, stickers, and now hopefully our boards. Our skate team consist of me and 11 other guys that love to skate, i isn't even the love for it is the passion and dedication to the sport that makes us love it. This year we will be releasing a video for our team. The name of the video hasn't been decided yet but will hopefully be released in a month or so.

With me being the filmer for the team i spend most of my time with them finding the perfect angle and shot for each rider filming lines and street. Filming isn't as easy as it looks it requires a lot of balance and focus otherwise you video will be all over the place. Most of the time we film it takes a few tries for our rider to get his tricks dialed so we can have a clean video. When most people hear the word “Skaters” they think of the typical cliche of graffiti, drugs and bad attitudes but thats not us we want to make skaters seen differently sometimes we get yelled at and kicked from skate spots sometimes we even get threatened.

Most people don't have a problem with us skating on their property however some people have the audacity to yell at us for skating in legal places. About a month ago my friends and I were standing in a little shopping center and a random stranger from the street pulled up in his car and started telling us we weren't allowed to skate there. We asked him why we couldn't skate there and he said it was illegal however if there aren't any signs posted saying no skating we don't have to leave, he argued and asked do you have to have a sigh I responded with “yes otherwise its not illegal” but as he continued to harass us we decided to leave and skate somewhere else then 20 minutes later we were kicked out of a spot by a police officer driving down the street using his mic to tell us that we couldn't skate.

No matter your sport whether it be racing, flying, bull riding or whatever you go crazy for, it doesn't matter who supports you as long as you love your sport and are dedicated to it and dont give up. There are many people i've come across since i've been skating and bmxing that have gotten barely hurt or can't land a trick so they believe they aren't good and give up. If you can give up in a sport then you can just as easily give up in life if you care about it truly you'll try until you get it. This years go skate day will be different.

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