Mobile Learning Apps

1. Socrative: Online app that can be used to complete assignments or assessments.

Classroom Use: In high school classes which often contain 30+ students, socrative provides an easier method to assess all students, and provides students with more options to do so.

2. Mentimeter: Online polling app that shows individual and group responses.

Classroom Use: This took is useful in high school classes, as class sizes are often large and most students possess a mobile or smart device. It is often difficult to get everyone's opinion on a particular subject, but mentimeter allows everyone to submit their responses to a particular question. All of the results are then displayed together.

3. VoiceThread: Online app that allows students to post comments or questions over a photo or video.

Classroom Use: This tool would be useful in a high school setting for students where an oral assessment is required, such as a language option class, but are afraid of public speaking. The student can record their thought and answers on the app, and then play the reording in class, so they don't have to give the presentation themselves in front of an audience, but are still demonstrating their learning.

4. Word Lens: Online translator that is free to download and does not require internet access. Translates words immediately on screen to and from a variety of languages.

Classroom Use: This tool would be particularily useful for English language learners of any age as it eliminates the need to consult a translation dictionary as words are immediately translated on screen. This can facilitate second language learning as words are translated more quickly, but the students can also go back and translate previous words they hav forgotten with ease.

5. National Geographic World Atlas: An online geography app, with zoom features providing detailed information about countries and cities across the globe.

Classroom Use: This app would be useful in social studies class, to both research geographical information, but also to access maps more quickly and efficiently.

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