by Dustin Bomboy

Definition of bullying: Bullying is a person  abusing another for power.


Bullying happens all around the world.

Types of bullying include  verbal, physical, cyber, and written.

Bullying can even go so far that the victim commits suicide.

Bullies can be mean because they want  something from that person.

Bullying has been a problem for ages.

What causes bullying, what causes it?

Bullying happens when a person feels let down or  angry and releases that anger on others. The victim is afraid to go to school. They could tell a teacher and stop it. But sometimes the bully resorts to cyber bullying. Sometimes  bullying  can go so far the victim destroys himself or herself. But that is super rare.


The symptoms  of bullying are ...

1. Student does not come to school.

2. Student is beat  up.

3. Student cries because he or she is afraid of school.

4. Student does not use phone or computer.

5. Student is glum and depressed, or worried.

People who Help

People who try to stop bullying stand up for those who are being bullied.  Percy Jackson, Sora, Harry Potter, Sabrina Spellmen are fictional characters who stand up for those being bullied.  A person who stands up dislikes what is happening to the victim. ( However, they don't drench them or put a spell on them).  A real person  reports the problem or uses words to stand up for the victom.

Percy helped Grover when Nancy bullied him by drenching her in the water fountain.

Sora helped by protecting the innocent  from the unfair.

Sabrina tried to help by protecting the school from Livy, and Mr.Craft by using magic  which sometimes backfired.

Harry Potter always stopped, and made  a fool of Malfoy when he tried to make himself look  better.

Real people who stop bullying are, Teachers, some Students, And Some Principals.

Why is it so important for people to know about bullying?

It's important for people to know about bullying because it helps the victim being bullied.  It's also important because the adults can help.  Helping one and another is more than just a reward. People who try to stop bullying are hero's, and they try to prevent it from ever happening. Bullying should  be known to the world so we can PREVENT IT.

Sources I used

My message, . . . STOP BULLYING

OR ELSE!- face the consequence's of your actions!

By Dustin Bomboy

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