Japan Essay

By; Miranda Faith
2nd period SS

In ancient Japan, they had fashion,art,and performing arts. Fashion in ancient Japan was very loved. The nobles loved beauty, and so they began their own appearances. They had many magnificent wardrobes. Most nobles carried around fans, which would be painted on with designs. Some, of which had flowers. Japan's Nobles also loved visual art.  Their visual arts where mostly of paintings, calligraphy, and architecture. People of ancient Japan would visual art paint on doors or furniture. In their Preforming Arts, they had musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. All of these things where popular during the Heian Period. There performances by the musicians, jugglers, and acrobats were normally wild and fun. Expect ally with the plays in which actors skillfully mimicked other people. These later developed into more serious form of drama. This drama was called "Noh". This was created in the 1300's, Noh plays combine music, speaking, and dance. These plays often told about great heros and figures from Japan's past. When it comes to the Japan modern days fashion, art, and performing arts, it has changed but not much. In Japanese fashion, they have traditional clothing store and now they have certain outfits that are seasonal. In the performing arts, they do dances and plays, making shows to watch. They also had literature, nobles cared about how they wrote and spoke. Writing was most popular with women, they would try to write beautifully. They had architecture as well, it was greatly admired by many. Most of their architecture was modeled off of China's.

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