creative entry 1

Danny O'Connell

This is an representation of Simo Hayha on the verge of war the only man cool enough to foreshadow his own life this quote is said to be the last thing he said to his wife before entering the woods and killing 708 red army soldiers. the highest official confirmed kill count of any sniper in history he became so terrifying they nicknamed him the white death and he essentially became the Russian version of the boogy man. mothers would tell their children if you dont eat your veggies the white death will come and eat you up. this is on some level how i feel right about now about the IB i am Simo Hayha i dont really know how but i will do the full IB i will go into the woods and not come out till im on a stretcher i will master the IB and it will fear me i will give the IB examiners nightmares they will wake screaming "HE HAS AN IEP". they will tell their children story's of that terrifying moment when the mark bands crumbled beneath the feet of Danny O'Connell.