End of the year college project



2015-2018 Pebble Hills Hs

2012-2014 Sun Ridge Ms

2005-2010 lujan Chavez elementary


Good with numbers

Great communication skills

Good with register

                Letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Alyssa Villa as a candidate for a position at Starbucks. In her old position at Cinnabon, Alyssa did an amazing job and was great with costumers, she is great with numbers and will get the job done.

      Alyssa is always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent work attendance. with the many employees I have had, Alyssa is the best to keep up with school and work. She would be an asset to any employer

Yours sincerely,

Ivan Ibarra

                         letter of intent

                            Alyssa Villa

                      14376 Valencia St.

                       El Paso tx 79938

I am a hardworking employee. I have a leadership that will helpe get the job done. I work well with others too. I help people when they need it. I will ask ways be there to do any work.

I was a cashier at Cinnabon before. But I would also help out customers when they needed it. I have a diploma from by past education which is pre-k through middle school. I think I would be a great asset to your company. I'm very hard working and always get the job done no mater what.

                       Persuasive essay

       What is a good person? To me the definition of a good person is someone who is kind to everyone and does the right thing. We need many more people like that in this world, to set as Role Models for others.

        It is important we have many of these good people to set as role models because we want as many good people in this world as there could be. Imagine a world without no hate or discrimination?! That would be the perfect world, ask yourself why can't we have this perfect world.

         Many people might say that there is no such thing as a perfect world that their is always gone be some hate or bad in this world but to me I think there is more good in this work there is bad.  I think people are so used to the idea of so much bad in the world that they don't see the good.



Alyssa Villa


14376 Valencia St.



To work hard and learn from this job..