Learning to Teach
Day 48: Helots and Bizles

Today was a good lesson through out the day. What happened today was that I began the class with some lecture about language and symbols with a few activities intermingled. The symbols activity was different for each class, for the reason that I was trying to find the best way to do the activity. Although I felt at first it was a mistake on my part not having that part down. It actually turned out well because the activity ended up fitting with the group that was doing it. Whether it was actually looking up symbols themselves, or with a group on the computer. To just writing it down. The other highlight of the day was the Helots and Bizles activity for most of the classes. This activity involved me splitting the class in 2 and I explained to each group separately about their new "culture". Each culture had their quirks and then I had the two groups meet each other for the first time. In all the classes there was laughter as well as enjoyment from most of the students. However, the only frustrating thing was the last class that did this activity. Most of them to start did not want to take part in the activity, but I remained stern and excited about it and disregarded their complaints. Same to the students out in the hall. One the two groups met most, eventually all the students ended up taking part in the activity once they saw they could have some fun with it. That to me felt like success and definitely like a "being a teacher" moment.

The few things I was disappointed was that there is starting to be a lack of respect to when other students, as as well as when I am talking. This is happening more in my last class of the day, and a bit in the first class of the day. I understand that this was a Friday, and we just got of a break recently. However, things need to change or else they will be getting worse. I am not a seasoned teacher, but I already know that. So I need to be more of the alpha in these types of situations, and there might be some detentions in the upcoming future. The only think I am apprehensive about it handling those situations in class. I understand the "in the hall talk", but will it work? I am worried that I might say the wrong thing, but I won't know until I try.

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