By: Alyssa Hamre

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Pocahontas Area/L-M played Emmetsburg as an away game and won the game with the ending score of 64-61. Austin Roetman, Senior, was Pocahontas Area/L-M's leading scorer for the night with 30 points. Roetman also lead the Pocahontas L-M Indians with the highest field goal percentage and the highest 3 pointer percentage. Roetman shot 77% from 2-point range and 75% beyond the area. Although Roetman didn’t have the highest percentage in free throws, he made the most for the night with 7. Tyler Behrendsen, Senior, lead the Pocahontas L-M Indians with the highest percentage of free throws and had 1 block for the night. Behrendsen had 100% in free throws shooting 4-4. Cameron Callion, Junior, had a total of 4 assists and 2 steals which made Callion our leader in assists and steals for the night. Way to go to all the Pocahontas Area/L-M Indians.