By: Aiden and Sloan

Georgia State Flag

Slogan- Pop Pop Fizz Fizz Mmmm Peaches


Coca- Cola Attraction in Atlanta, Georgia

Hernando de Soto, Founder of Georgia

History Fact: Hernando de Soto, the Spanish explorer was the first explorer to travel Georgia in 1540.

Fun Facts

  • Nearly half of the peanut butter eaten in the United States of America is made from peanut grown in
  • The soft drink Coca-Cola made its debut in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886.
  • President Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer in Georgia.
  • Eating fried chicken with a fork is against the law in Gainsville, Georgia, the poultry capital of the world.
  • The first United States Golf Course was laid out in Savannah, Georgia in 1794.
  • The first gold rucsh