Human Trafficking In North America

People don't realize how bad human trafficking is and that it could happen in their own quiet neighborhood. 1 out of 236 people in north america are trafficked either for sex or labor. Human Trafficking is the 3rd most profitable criminal organization. North America believe it or not is a big spot for human trafficking. Its crazy to think that anyone could be kidnapped at any time and sold like noting. There are three major things id like to talk about in this essay. Firstly money, anyone will do almost anything for money these days. Human trafficking is a 9.5 billion dollar industry. People who contribute to the trafficking of humans do not see the side that we see, all they care about is to be rich! 4 billion of that 9.5 billion is sex labor, which brings me to my second point. Sex is a big topic in North America, and especially when someone is getting abused or raped! 80% of all trafficked victims are women and most of that 80% are used for sex labor! The kidnappers drug up the women and get them addicted to a certain type of drug so they will do what they are told in order to think they are gonna live by having a certain drug. Out of 50,000 people trafficked out of the United States around 46% of them are used for sex labor, almost 25,000 of our own people and are being drugged up and serving as a sex slave! 65% of the trafficked women that had serious injuries, 24% of them have had head injuries,10% of the women have broken bones and etc. Lastly i wanna talk about the Human Trafficking statistics. There are between 800,000 and 4 million that are took and sold into slavery or sex. The people that are trafficked there are 75% of them female and 50% of them are children, 10% of them are men which are mostly used for slave labor because they are more in shape and built for hard work and can accomplish more than a woman could.The numbers coming into the United States are smaller than what the United States send out to other countries. Each year in the United States alone there are 200,000 or more children that will be kidnapped and sold into slavery. Just take a minute and picture and young teenager being kidnapped shipped over the country and getting forced to have sex with multiple men. I dont know about you but that makes me wanna go find all the children in the world that are being abused for sex and get them out of that life. In my conclusion i'd like to state that us as North america citizens can do something about this huge problem. We need more people like Liam Nelson and then our world would would have one less issue. Human Trafficking is a big problem and needs to STOP!

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