Wondering if you should take a trip to Canada? Maybe this will make up your mind.

Canada's first history;                                                                                                                                       If you're wondering Canada's first history here is some information. First Nations are aboriginal group or community. Large numbers of First Nation people, including Cree, Micmac, Abenaki and Ojibwa live in southern Canada. Canada also adopted an official policy of Multiculturalism, witch is cultural diversity of communities.  

A Constitutional Monarchy witch is a form of democratic government and that is what Canada has. In Canada you have freedom of speech religion etc.. A Parliament witch is a national representative having supreme legislative power. Parliament Hill, in the national capital, Ottawa Ontario.

The Prime Minister witch is the head of an elected government. Canada's Prime Minister is Stephen Harper, he's been the Prime Minister sense 2006. Pierre Trudeau who was Canada's 15th Prime Minister.   

Separatists witch are people who support the separation of a particular group of people. Like some people think Quebec should be separate from Canada. Transportation Corridors linear tract of land that contains lines of usually highways, roads or canals.

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