The Glass Castle

Book Review
By Tiaira Burge



        Throughout the whole book each character has to forgive each other. The parents neglected their children in many ways but the children still respect them. The children was faced with being homeless and not having enough food to eat but the children still forgave them. Jeanette always find a way to bring their parents back into their hearts.


      The children learn to have courage to face the adversity that they was exposed to. The children had to take care of them self. Also, learned things without their parents guidance. This made them face the world at a early age. The children express fearless throughout the whole book.


Introduction: At the beginning of the book, she is three years old and lived in Arizona. She burns herself while making hot dogs and she was hospitalized. Her dad Rex grabs her out of the hospital before she was released and says that you don't need any help. Then, the family begins living in different cities and they called moving from place to place is skedaddle.

Rising Action: This is the period when Jeanette is growing up and realizing how her family really is. When Jeannette falls out of the car and is left there with a broken nose. When they reach Welch, events lead her to questioning her parents. Her dad even though he hasn't seemed to have any of the children’s back in the slightest. Still at this point she still has sympathy towards her parents. Rex asks Jeannette for money for not food or things they needed, but for beer and cigarettes.

Climax: The parents has shown Jeanette a lot, like when she is going to bars with her farther a getting sexually assaulted. There was events that her father did not have Jeanette back when Robbie attacked her because Rex was using her as a way of cunning. She needed to take matters into her own hands, and leave. She heads to New York and got a job and stay with her sister Lori. Lori and Jeanette wanted the rest of their siblings to move with them also because the parents haven't taken care of them well.Three years after Jeannette had been in New York she got a call from her mother, saying they had moved to New York to be a family again.

Resolution: Maureen grew up and did not have a good attitude. Maureen  stabbed her mother Mary Rose. She was sentenced to a year in a mental institution. They blame each other towards how Maureen acts now. Later, Dad tells Jeanette that he is dying.A couple weeks later, Dad has a heart attack and dies in the hospital. Dad's death forces Jeannette to examine her life and she eventually leaves Eric and moves away from Park Avenue to the West Side.


Jeanette Walls
Rex Walls
Mary Rose Walls
Lori Walls
Brain Walls
Maureen Walls

Jeannette Walls: Main character and the narrator, parents are Rex and Rose Mary Walls. Jeannette siblings are Lori, Brian, and Maureen. She tells the story of how it's like to be neglected but still loved by her parents.

Rex Walls: The husband of Rose Mary and father of Jeannette, Lori, Brain, and Maureen. His is also an alcoholic and an manipulator. He uses his wife and children for his own needs but yet never stop loving them and hope they feel the same way.

Rose Mary Walls: The wife of Rex and mother of Jeannette, Lori, Brain, and Maureen. She can be selfish and carries her baggage with her and through her children. She also loves her family but after her own means are met.

Lori Walls: The oldest child of the family. Lori is also smart and loving towards her family. She had courage to escape the life she hates.

Brain Walls: The  middle child of the family. He is very protective of his sisters Lori, Jeannette, and Maureen. He loses faith with his father when he was a young boy.  

Maureen Walls: The youngest child of the family. The narrator describes her of being beautiful. She is also the most fragile child of the family and looking for them to take care of her.


The Places: Nevada (numerous little towns including Blythe and Battle Mountain plus Las Vegas); San Francisco, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Welch, West Virginia; and New York City.

The time Period: Approximately 1957 to 2005

Nevada map below: The lived in the hotel in Nevada near Owl club.

Jeanette and Lori started to live in New York and got a apartment in the South Bronx.

The Walls then move to a house in Phoenix Arizona that Rose Mary inherited from her mother. The house is large but infested with Roaches.

Important Quotes

"Mom, however, told us that the FBI wasn't really after Dad; he just liked to say they were because it was more fun having the FBI on your tail than bill collectors." - Jeanette p. 21

This quote was spoken by Jeanette. This explains that the dad tells stories to his children about his life. Also, provides secrets in the family that is not spoken upon.

"It’s the Joshua tree’s struggle that gives it its beauty."Jeanette p. 45

This quote was spoken by Jeanette and attributed to Jeannette’s mother. The quote is important in certain ways. The quote explains struggling was the foundation of her family’s life.

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