Jared R.


For those who don’t know me, my name is Jared Reach. I’m 14 years of age and when I’m not hanging out with friends I like to play lacrosse. I am on a club lacrosse team which is the Spokane Spartans and we are really good. There are other Spokane teams like the Titans which are good, but we still beat them two times out of three. I also love to ride dirt bikes; I have a KTM 200 which is really fun to ride. I don’t race dirt bikes but I do ride trails and a lot of them are fun and really hard. In 2012 I had moved up to Liberty Lake from a small town. When I had moved, I had move away from all my friends that I knew for a very long time which really sucked. When we also moved we had to get rid of my two dogs that I had sense I was born. Now sense I have been up in Liberty Lake for about 3 years now I have meet more people and got to know them better.

One dream

One of my dreams is to become a pro endurocross which is like riding over logs, rocks, water, sand, and many other objects. I would also want to race for KTM only and if any other companies try to sign me over I would turn them down, unless they offer me more money. I only want to ride for KTM because they are a really good trail bike or endurocross bike and they are meant to do that kind of stuff.

Liberty Lake ORV park 99019