M-learning FOR EDU 210

mONDAY nOVEMBER 11, 2013.

For my classroom I have chosen 5 mobile apps that I would like to use.


http://www.mentormob.com/learn/i/mobile-learning-...Description: Woices is an app that allows you to give personal audio guides of any place in the world. You can literally search any place on earth and find someone’s audio guide of that particular place. You can also create your own audio guide and submit it to the site. The best part of this site is that it can be used on your Iphone for free.

How can it be used in a k-12 setting?

In a social studies class you can use this app to have students detail specific places in a city (ie. A museum, a landmark, a monument) and if you do a class field trip they can use this app as well to detail sites that are unknown to them. This could be used in a junior high or high school

Talking Tom and Ben news Reporters

http://www.mentormob.com/learn/i/mobile-learning-a...Description: This site is a add on to a previous app that changed the voices of its users to sound like a talking cat and a dog. The educational upgrade is that they can now be used as new anchors and its users are now allowed to create news casts that can she shared online with their peers.

How can it be used in a k-12 setting?

This app can be used in an elementary setting perhaps grade 5 classes can use this app during current events classes. Students can create a news cast and create an alternative news cast that contains inaccurate information that the other students must point out and correct. The teacher could also create a TV news special specific to a particular event (in history) and have the students review the cast and explain what was true and what wasn’t.



Description: This is a learning app that helps educators create content that their students can access from their phones, ipads, and other mobile devices. This app allows students to study at their own pace and the results should in turn create better performance. Rather than waiting for content the students have instant access whenever and wherever they feel like it.

How can it be used in a k-12 setting?

This could be used in a K-12 setting in high school English, math or social studies students when they have to take the bus or when they are free during a spare and they want to do some studying or assignments on their phone as opposed to in a text. This app allows for review of notes in a more convenient fashion. Also teachers can check who has looked at assignments or readings and they can perform formative assessments this way as well.

Journal Jar


Description: Journal Jar is an excellent creative writing tool that creates various topics for you to write about with one statement that begins the story for you. The topics are quite distinct and different and this allows for multiple interpretations and responses from students.

How can it be used in a k-12 setting?

This app could be used in a language arts class and I think Junior high or late elementary years this would be perfect for those students. Having them create stories and express themselves creatively, also allowing them to use their phones or Ipads during their spare time gives them the freedom to create as they go about their daily lives (both inside and outside of the classroom). Because the topics are random it would be great to evaluate each student according to their topic (it also makes each response unique and non repetitive.


http://www.mentormob.com/learn/i/mobile-learning-apps-for-literacy/toontastic-a-creative-learning-and-animation-app-for-the-ipada.Description: Toontastic is a app that allows you to create a cartoon or a puppet show. You can create your own dialogues and voices for each character and share them with whoever you choose.

How can it be used in a k-12 setting?

This is a great tool for the late elementary students as well as the junior high students. You can have the students recreate scenes in a book that you are studying or have them create a story of their own and have the video reflect their creation in a L.A class. This is also could be used in a science class to allow students to show their understandings of certain concepts.

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