BY William Shakespear

Genre: play

Setting: During the middle ages in Scotland

Character list: Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Macbeth, Banquo, Macduff, Lennox, Rosse, Menteth, Angus, Cathness, Fleance, Siward, Young Siward, Seyton, Boy, Doctors, Sergeant, Porter, Old Man, Murderers, Lady Macbeth, Lady Macduff, Gentlewoman, Witches, Hecate, Apparitions, Lords, Gentlemen, Officers, Soldiers, Attendants, Messengers, Banquo's Ghost

Protagonist: Macbeth, Macduff, Malcolm

Antagonist: Macduff, Malcolm, Lady Macbeth

Specific elements of Characterization: Macbeth- a talented general, tyrant, cruel, power hungry, is not courageous. Malcolm- Son of Duncan, later becomes king. Lady Macbeth- very controlling, she too craves power, manipulative. Banquo- general, friends with Macbeth but later killed by him. Macduff-fights to avenge his family and to win back the crown to Duncan's son. Duncan-king that is killed by Macbeth.

Symbolism: The blood which symbolizes their guilt, The weather which symbolizes moral and immoral actions, and the dagger

Foreshadowing: The bloody battles foreshadows the blood that will later come, Macbeth as he hears a voice before he kills Duncan which foreshadows what will alter come to him and his wife, how Macduff is suspicious of Macbeth for killing Duncan foreshadows his later suspicion, and the witches prophecies.

Irony: The fact Macbeth kills Duncan to have a luxurious life and yet he hates it and never has a chance to enjoy being king, also the fact he kills to be king and stay king and he is killed at the end for someone else to be king

Allusions: There are several different types of allusions in Macbeth, one is how the allude to the bible and another is when they allude to mythological stories.

Imagery: Whenever they talk about violent scenes they describe it in great detail, which helps you imagine it all even better. One of these scenes was when the two generals were coming back from the battle.

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