Miju for Adopt

Miju, a two month female cute playful cat open for adopt。











地區 :Available at Sri Petaling, Puchong, Kuala Lumpur。
聯絡: Ms Liang 01128182378

Miju , above 2 month, found at my condo waste chamber, her two eye had been infected serious。 After 2 week medicine and treatment, now she is recover, n deworm already, ready to adopt。

She is active,playful, friendly, short hair,a black and brown fur at bottom head near the ear ,a small circles of brown fur at shoulder,a very cute rounded tail with brown and black fur , and some more brown spot at leg 。

she is taking LV Growth Kitten kibble, n trained to use cat toiled and cat sand 。
Adoption fee is RM50, as a deposit, once she has been spay at 6 month, the deposit will return to new owner。i will send her for first vaccin。

Rules to adoption:

1。keep indoor only.

2。vaccin every year.

3。can not keep in cage for long hour.

4。can not smash her.

5。keep contact with me and send update photo every month for first half year, until she has been spay。

6。Eat the quality kibble only(no MSG and colouring)

7。owner must send her to spay when she is 6 month。

Location :Available at Sri Petaling, Puchong, Kuala Lumpur。
Contact : Ms Liang 01128182378

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