January fifth, two-thousand-fifteen

1.) I don't know what 2015 holds for me. But I would like to start a few new things. I think our world will continue researching technology, trying to make things more efficient. And smaller but simple, not hard to use. I think women will finally be treated the same as men as they should be, feminism will grow bigger. The aesthetic of things will continue to grow, like how tennis shoes, or sport shoes, people are starting to appreciate them more. Trends will change around the world, people are getting more famous, they will rise.  Justin Bieber will finally release an album 2015.

2).  For 2041 I think a lot of things will be different, we'll  complain how much things were so much simpler back then. Technology will be simple yet difficult to use. The cure for cancer is finally out! Or any other cures for that matter. Maybe we'll invent some cool technology that will drastically change the world. I think that in 2041 some of us will hold onto doing things the old way while the other will go ahead and use the new technology.  Maybe in 2041 the world is actually somewhat peaceful, or maybe a war happened.  

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