Hello,my name is Grace

My name is Grace I go to Boles JH and I am 12 years old.  I play gymnastics and tennis.

My Family

I have two brothers;Judson is 10 and Seth is 14. I am the only girl out of three children and i am the middle child. My mom is a teacher at Wood elementary,who was my math teacher in 6th grade. My dad is yet my favorite(dont tell my mom)he is really understandable and cool. There is not much to say about my brothers but they are really annoying. I also have two dogs:Maggie and Alex.

My interest

I like hanging out with my family and friends who are always so encouraging to me. I like rollerskating and gymnastics which are my favorite athletic interest.

I go to Stars gymnastics and I do acro-dance. I really enjoy gymnastics and I continue to get better everyday.

Me doing a back hand spring

My Favorite...

My favorite color is purple

My favorite sport is gymnastics

My favorite place to eat is La Madeline's

My favorite fast food is Chick-Fil-A

My favorite class is math

My favorite seasons are Summer/Fall

Mybucket list:

Smash cake in face

Go to one different country

Go buy something with just pennies