The Long Gone Smile

She is a thin woman says the width of the freshly washed dresses.

A clean lady says the kitchen without a speck of dust.

But a very dull and proper person say the gray colors of the apartment.

Someone slowly aging says the hair dye by the shower.

A young boy lives here says the size of the sneakers by the door.

A child with talent says the dust on the broken trophies thrown in the back of the closet.

A lonesome child says the tearstains left on the pillow of an unmade bed.

A rich family says the light flickering off the granite counters.

But a family with something missing says the bed made for two.

Someone gone says the third smile of a man framed in a family photo on the wall.

Someone long gone says the trail of petals leading to the door,

Fallen off of a bouquet

Yet to be laid on a grave.