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If you are reading this article, chances are that you have been looking for an alternative form of healing because you have been suffering for a while even after taking different types of invasive medications and various types of therapies and yet you haven’t found a cure or someone who can truly tell you what is wrong with you.

With the advancement in technology it is now possible to get your diagnosis from a Chinese doctor even if you are staying on the other side of the Globe. No matter where you are you can get the right diagnosis and get the exact medicines for complete and easy cure of any disease with minimum suffering and expenses. For this all you have to do is to take the images of your tongue and send it to your Chinese Doctor.

We at Sanlida TCM online clinic are here to help you. You may not know this, but complementary or integrated Chinese holistic form of healing has been successfully used for decades and more modern medical schools are now recognizing the importance of training their students and overall stuff in practices that emphasize on holistic disease prevention and treatment of the mind, body, and soul because traditional Chinese treatments focus on correcting imbalances in the body through these three elements.

The core difference between Western and Chinese medicine lies in their concept of the human body. The two traditions take two different approaches. It isn't that one approach is false and the other is true. Instead, each offers a different perspective that has its own validity and its own limitations. When we combine the two approaches in our personal and family health care, we can get the best of both worlds.

Most of you are likely to be far more familiar with the Western perspective than the Chinese one, since you have grown up in a Western culture and have always relied on Western forms of health care. Western medicine approaches the human body from an anatomic and biochemical standpoint. It sees us as physical beings made of many parts that can be dissected down to tiny, independent components. Western medicine adopts the philosophy that we are unique beings and that our intellect places us as far superior to all other living things. Chinese medicine approaches the human body from an energetic and functional standpoint. It sees us as whole beings made of energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual parts that are intimately related. Chinese medicine adopts the philosophy that Man is a miniature replica of Nature, a living entity of Nature no more superior than the lion or even the tree.

Chinese medicine examines the life and health of a human being from a broader field of reference, one that includes forces and relationships that are not so easy to isolate or see.

1. the existence of Qi or a field of "vital energy" coursing throughout the body

2. the principle of Yin-Yang or "dynamic opposites" in the way the body functions

3. the link to Nature through the Five Elements-Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal- in human existence

4. the constant interconnection of the Mind, Body, and Spirit in human health

Start Symptom Diagnosis

Once you have created your profile and you want to check your symptoms, you may proceed to click on the Start Symptom Diagnosis tab on the main menu where you will find an Intelligent Computer-operated Diagnosis Therapeutic System that is quite simple to follow and fill out.

The multiple medical symptom checker is a 3 part process:

  • 1. Constitution List category: This part gives you 4 options to select from
  • Physical
  • Inspection of face
  • Voice
  • Onset of illness
  • 2. Symptom & Disease List: This part gives you a list of symptoms to choose from that describe what you are experiencing such as pain, fever, sweating, etc.
  • 3. Patient Statement: This is an additional option where you can add other symptoms that you are experiencing that may not appear on the Symptoms & Disease List.

Finally, save and upload Documents. You can upload previous medical documents/ files you may have and also important, you need to upload is an image of your tongue for that is a vital part of the diagnosis. Please remember that the symptoms you have selected cannot be saved if you haven’t logged in. Upload a file and submit one patient statement list at a time for a complete diagnosing.

Chinese Medicine Online Multiple Medical Symptoms Diagnosis Checker

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