praying mantes

read on to see how praying mantes live  


Praying mantes are carnivores. They are green or brown     with colorful wings, they have massive eyes, long arms and long legs.They have spikes on their arms and they can fly. They are 1-15 cm long.


The praying mantes live in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. They live wherever there is enough food.    


Praying mantes shelter under or in trees or bushes. Though they try to get furthest away from the city. They shelter in trees so they can put their egg sacks on the twigs.

life cycle

They lay one egg sack carrying 10-400 nymphs in autumn ->

the egg sack is attached to a twig, branch or leaf ->

then nymphs come out of the hardened egg sack ->

some only last a few hours and some get cannibalised for food ->  

they grow and over time shed their exoskeleton at least 10 times-> they grow into adults and the process begins again.

food chain

decomposed by...

eaten by a...

eaten by a...

eaten by a...

eaten by a...

Primary producer grass -> primary consumer Caterpillar -> secondary consumer Praying Mantis -> tertiary consumer Bird -> apex predator bald eagle -> decomposed by worms. Praying Mantes are secondary consumers.

biological relationship

They are part of the predator prey relationship because they eat smaller bugs and birds eat them.  


They live in the biome of tropical area and rainforests  

interesting facts

A large Praying Mantis can eat a small bird. When they are mating, the female bites the head of the male. The reason for this is because the female does not want anyone apart from herself to mate the male.

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