5 Mobile apps:

Classroom use


With the Mobl21 app you can create study tools such as flash cards, study guides, and practice quizzes. This is a great tool for education because it can help students study and it allows them to use technology to do this.

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Animation Creator

Picture retrieved from https://applaunch.us/press-release/animation-creator

With this app students can use their i Pad to create animations for their written work. The animation creator app even allows you to add audio to your animations. This app could be used for a language arts class to help students with their animations and allow the students to use technology.  

Voice Thread

This app allows students to post videos , pictures, and more. It also allows other students to comment on their work. This could be helpful in the classroom to give student feedback and allow students to share and comment on each others work.  


Giacomantonio, L. (2013). 5 ways to use audioboo in your classroom. Retrieved from https://blog.edmodo.com/2013/08/13/5-ways-to-use-audioboo

Audioboo is an app that allows you to easily create podcasts to share with your class. This app could be used to do assignments so they are not just written. It allows students to use a form of audio instead of always handing in written work. This can also help with creating a universal classroom.

Journal Jar

This app is a bank of topics that can randomly generate a topic for you. It will give a prompt of what the topic is for the student to use. this app can help students one need improvement in picking topics and it will help them not get frustrated.   

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