Upright Man

By: Jessamy Diaz

Homo Erectus

Physical Description: The 'Upright Man' stood up straight, as you can guess from his given nickname, looked more like those of modern human with a round, smooth forehead, but they had a jaw that stuck out and a large ridge about their eyes. Also, the Homo Erectus people had thicker skulls with their huge head. Survival: These people were alike to the 'Handyman' people because they both were toolmakers. Also they both ate meat, of course, but they cooked their meat with fire. These people loved using their fire for many things: warmth, cooking, and defense. Special Capabilities: The Upright Men had the ability to create fire and use it safely. They actually used it a lot for the good reasons I told of in 'Survival'. Also they made many useful tools and very well.

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