Repurpose An Old TV

Resurrect an old TV as a monitor for an iPhone
or an external display for a PC


  • Audio/Video Transmitter Kit
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Twin-lead cable
  • Wire strippers
  • Old television
  • A/V RCA cables
  • Media player
  • Converter cable, if needed
  • 12-volt battery supply

Step 1

Assemble the A/V transmitter kit you've purchased according to the instructions & circuitry diagram. This'll take some time - and some soldering.

Step 2

Cut a length of the twin-lead cable & strip both ends of it. Solder one end to the antenna connector's pins on the underside of the transmitter kit's circuit board. Route the cable through the large hold in the kit's lid, and connect it to the TV's antenna screw terminals.

Step 3

Attach the A/V RCA cables to your media player, and connect the other ends to the video - and audio-signal inputs on the transmitter kit. (For an iPod or iPhone, plug a converter cable into  the dock connector and run the converter's video jack and one of the audio jacks into the kit's inputs.)

Step 4

Connect the transmitter to a 12-volt battery, turn on your media player, and tune your television to UHF channel 21.

Step 5

If necessary, tweak the picture and sound quality by adjusting the screw in the top of the A/V transmitter kit's case.

Step 6

Choose a video from your media player's library and hit play!