Reducing Articles

Looks Like... Sounds Like...


The preposition to usually reduces so much that it's like dropping the vowel.

Use a t' or tə sound to replace to.

today [t'day] tonight [t'night] tomorrow [t'märou] to work [t'wrk] to school [t' school] to the store [t' th' store] We have to go now. [we hæftə go næo] He went to work [he wentə work] They hope to find it. [they houptə fine dit] I can't wait to find out. [äi cæn(t)wai(t)tə fine dæot] We don't know what to do. [we dont know w'(t)t' do] Don't jump to conclusions. [dont j'm t' c'ncloozh'nz]


For is not reduced at the end of a sentence.

This is for you. [th's'z fr you] It's for my friend. [ts fr my friend] A table for four, please. [ə table fr four, pleeze] We planned it for later. [we plan dit fr layd'r] For example, for instance [fregg zæmple] [frin st'nss]


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