My Seventh Grade Year

By:Gianna LaSalvia

My Top 10

#1 Kenston Basketball

This year I played for the seventh grade girls basketball team. We were undefeated with a record of 16-0. We also went on to win the championship against Orange. During this season I also got to play for a great coach, Mr. Gowdy. He was the main reason we did so well this season. He always pushed us to do our best and to improve throughout the season.  "good to great"

#2 AAU//DG Warriors

During this AAU season I got the opportunity to play up with an eighth grade team.  I had a great coach, Freeman Blade, that helped me to improve on my skills against the older competition.  This year in AAU was a great learning experience and I hope to use it to my advantage during the Kenston season.

#3 Fall Ball

Over the summer, the coach for the travel softball team at Kenston, Mrs. Magyarics, saw me play on the rec team and asked if I wanted to be on the fall team.  Of course I said "yes" and that season ended up being a great experience. I got to play with a team I loved and also met my best friend.  We always talked to each other because she played third base and I was shortstop and I'm not sure what how, but something just clicked.  Over time we grew really close. During the regular season we'll be separated because of our age difference, but after next year we'll always be together. Fall Ball is a great team bonding experience.

#4 Track

This year I was on the track team for the first time. Its was a great season too; we went undefeated and were the CVC champs. I was one of the few seventh graders to make the shot put team. Track was a great way to meet other people and to make new friends.

#5 Blossom

This year I went to blossom in Chagrin with my friends.  It was really fun and I ended up seeing a lot of people I new.  I even saw some of my old neighbors and some people I used to go to school with.  It was really nice to see them because some of them I haven't talked to in years. 

#6 Camp

At first I had been controversial over going to seventh grade camp but it ended up being one of the best times of my life.  I wasn't really friends with the other group in our cabin but everyone got along great and we had a good week together.  All the activities at camp were really fun and the councilors were amazing. I would definitely go back as a councilor.   

#7 Columbus

This year I went to regionals in Columbus for the second year.  We were supposed to go to dinner as a team but everyone cancelled except for the Kenston  girls, me, Julia Cumley, and Kayla Eastman.  We ended up going to a Japanese place together.  At the end of the night we went back to our hotel rooms and finally got some sleep after a restless week at camp.

#8 Zip City

For my sister, Colette's ninth birthday party we celebrated at Zip City.  It was my sister's party so I just brought one of my friends and we hung out there and helped out.  Even though we had to help it was still really fun.

#9 JO//DG Warriors

For my second year of JO, I switched to a different club, DG Warriors. I got to meet a lot of new people that I hope to continue to be friends with.  It was a great experience and I plan to continue with JO next year as well.

#10 Fitz and the Tantrums

Earlier in the school year I went to a Fitz and the Tantrums concert.  It was the first concert I've been to and I'm glad it was such a good experience.  I wasn't very familiar with the band before then, but now I actually really like them.  They also had a great opener that I had never heard of.  The band's name was, "Big Data" and after hearing them live I liked their music and listen to it a lot. I hope that I can go to see them again.


#1 The Outsiders

The first novel we read was a classic called "The Outsiders" by: S. E. Hinton.  This novel wasn't specifically for the honors classes like the rest of the ones we read.  To celebrate finishing the book, we had Outsiders' Day. For this we dressed up as either a Soc or a Greaser and rotated throughout all the ELA teachers for different activities.

#2 Anthem

Our second book of the year was a novella called "Anthem" by: Ayn Rand.  When reading this book we began to learn about heroism.  This book was defiantly a higher level read but had a great lesson behind it.  To celebrate the ending of Anthem we had a Road of Trials in order to save Mr. Kowalski.

#3 Uglies

Our third novel was part of a series and was called "Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld.  Throughout the novel we did activities based around image because that was the main idea.  We did an activity in which we were asked to write down on one side of a note card what someone's first impression of us is, then, on the reversed side we were to write down what we are actually like.  Mr. Kowalski put it all together in a word cloud and I personally think it acted as a window to see into our peers with.  We also created a face with two halves. One represented what the appeal to New Pretty Town was, while the other displayed the actual value of a person and that image doesn't really matter.  The last activity did was we set up a museum from our generation.

#4 And Then There were None

Our final class novel was a classic called "And Then There Were None" by: Agatha Christie.  It's a murder mystery in which ten guests are murdered by a person that is unknown.  For this book we had to create a police file to help us figure out the murderer.

Social Studies

This year we did a A-Z Roman legacies project.  The letter I was given was C so I did my project on Julius Ceasar.  Below is my essay

Mr. Barr's class is fairly easy as long as you're a good student.  Just study, do and put good effort into homework, and participate in class.  If you do all those things you'll get the easy A.

Life and Times

On the day before Memorial Day My friend, Mya, took me out on her boat. The weather was great to be on the lake.  It was cloudy but we still ended up catching a lot of sun.

Earlier this year, I also went to an Ariana Grande concert with my friend, Julia.  We went out to dinner before it and it was great.  The entire night was amazing and I'll never forget it!

My Precept

Work as hard as you possibly can to get to where you want, and don't let your current desires make you give up on your goals.

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I had the best season with you for basketball, and good job on your project it looks really good😄

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I like how you alternated using buttons and photos and videos.

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It is so cool how you show and use all of your photos

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Missing the bball season with you! Love the pictures!

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Good job Gianna!

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I love how much detail was put into this. I really liked how you used different fonts for the headings and how many pictures you had. I hope you have a great summer.

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Keep working hard in sports! I could totally see you as a professional athlete in any sport! Have a great summer!

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looking good👌

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Your font was readable, but also looked very nice!

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