The Nazi Party

In 1919 three german men got together and started a group called The German Workers Party (GPW)in Munich.The German army was afraid that the (GPW) was more of a left wing revolutionary group and sent Adolf Hitler to spy on them but while he was spying he discovered that the party's political ideas were similar to his own.

IN 1920 hitler brought up the idea of renameing the group the Natiolal Socialist German Workers Party(NSDAP) the Nazi party went around  beating up rivail politicions and other people who were a threat or the just didn't like.In November of 1932 the election took place and the Nazi party lost and the German Communist Party made substancual gains by winning the election and got 100 seats.Hitler had one more trick to try and save the Nazi party he spread the romour that Germany was on the verge of a Bolshevik Revolution and that the NSDAP was the only one that could stop it.

Although the Nazi party lost the election hiter pressed on until they made him the new Chancellor of Germany.

Sources: Spartacus         Educational

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2 years ago

The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika which means good fortune or well being. IT is said that the Swastika was used at least 5,000 years before Adolf Hitler designed the Nazi flag. In the beginning of the20th century the swastika was widely used in Europe. It had numerous meanings but the most common was a symbol of good luck. The motif or hooked cross appears to have first been used in Neolithic Eurasia people thought it was representing the movement of the sun through the sky. The swastika would become the most recognizable icon of Nazi party the potent symbol intended to instill pride among the Aryans and to strike fear and terror into Jews and other enemies of the Nazi Party.