Updated BAS Information

CCISD Data Update

This data shows the % of students that were on-level or above level in reading

Weber Elementary's Latest BAS Data

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You are all allstars!!!!

Important  Upcoming BAS Dates

Grade Level                       BAS Window                     Aware Deadline

Kinder  - 5th                          April 17- May 19             May 23rd

BAS Guidelines for K-2

Here's the form I created with the important details about BAS. Please print this and place in your BAS testing folder. Please schedule your testing times to include any support staff that needs to be invited to co-test with you.

Supplemental Assessment instructions K-2

BAS Guidelines for 3-5

Here's the form that gives you the criteria of who should be tested in upper grades. Please see Alyssa if you have any questions about who you should test.

Spring testing only: Please discuss your students' progress with any reading interventionist or ELL teacher who has worked with them prior to testing. This will help identify what level to begin BAS on and make for more efficient testing.

(5th Grade only!) Please test all students who failed STAAR Reading by May 6th. This information will be passed on to summer school teachers if they do not pass the 2nd administration of STAAR in May.

BAS Materials

All BAS materials will be located in room 210. Please stop by to pick up:

  • Blue Cards
  • BAS Folders
  • BAS Kits

Updated Forms  for Spring 2016

*** New Spring 2017- 1st Grade is not required to give the word features test!

Finding Students' Instructional Reading Level

Take a Peek at Your Students

Use the link below to track your notes after reviewing spring BAS records and to collect your observations as you test your students this school year.

First Steps for Teaching Based on BAS Data from Last Spring

  1. Look at a student's most recent reading record
  2. Note what they are doing well
  3. Note what they are avoiding as a reader
  4. Determine your first step with this student

Getting Started with Guided Reading

More BAS Materials

Informing Parents of Reading Levels

How do I fit it all in?

Here's the Time for Instruction document created a while ago. Please refer to it as a guide but not a firm rule. Mrs. Chaney will establish our guidelines for Weber.