Assessment Techniques

Assessing Sierra



- create a short comic strip about the story that we are reading in class and include main characters and plot of story including the climax and resolution

- Sierra can write a short play to cover the main points of the story

- paint/ draw spelling words on  a canvas

- write a story using vocabulary words correctly


can display spelling words anyway they choose

Social Studies


- use clay to design a famous landmark. Ex. The Parthenon
- create a news article about a specific event in history, must include      key details



- have Sierra write her own "famous speech" based on the important      events that are taking place during a specific time period.
- have Sierra create a book of poems over the distinct poem types
  accompanied with illustrations



- Create a story problem that is solvable
- paint an abstract painting that has specific dimension I give.



- Paint a canvas of the solar system including all of the planets and their right positions
-sculpt a replica of a animal or plant cell with all required elements


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