Utopian ELO

For your first Extended Learning Opportunity...

Choose one of the three choices below. Complete the task. Then submit the assignment in the ELO dropbox folder..

#1 Research Utopias

Learn more about Utopias! What makes a utopia? What would your utopia look like? Are there any Utopian societies in today's world?

To get ELO credit:

1. Read about a fictional utopia "Wah-Diddy-Diddy"

2. Open the document "Finding Paradise."

3. Create a digital poster describing the society.

4. Write a paragraph describing what your own Utopian society would look like. Write this in Word, or another program, and copy/paste it into the Dropbox text box.

# 2 TEDTalk Assignment

The Giver shows a world where science changes how people experience the world. Watch the videos below to see how science is changing sports, color, and memory.

David Epstein:
Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

Neil Harbisson:
I listen to color

Cesar Kuriyama:
One second every day

To get ELO credit:

1. Watch the TEDTalks above.

2. Choose one to review.

3. Open my TEDTalk Review Template and use it to write a well-crafted paragraph.

4. Submit your paragraph in a Word doc. to the ELO Dropbox.

#3 Live the Life

By now, you've read a lot about the rules in The Giver. You know that the Elders make the rules to keep society safe, to improve life. Live a day in Jonas' shoes. Then...

To get ELO credit:

1. Open the document "The Giver - Living by the Rules" and read over the assignment.

2. Live a day in Jonas' shoes by following as many of the rules as applicable and possible.

3. Research Benjamin Franklin's "Plan for Moral Perfection." Then live a day by his rules.

4. Reflect on your experiences, and write a page or record a video sharing your thoughts!