my crazy life

Well my life has been crazy lately. In october I meet the best man in the world. He is a wonderful man and I enjoy spending time with him. I have told him a lot about my life and he has done the same. I do see him as a future in my life and want him for a long time. We meet at target when we both were working together and have been still hanging out since.

When he said he was possibly moving back to Florida I was sad but happy b.c I was like i am going with. Then I was going with my things and realized I have a lot of stuff. He is very special to me and do not want to loose him ever. I did bring up the idea of us dating and he said not right now.. I believe he is worried about his heart getting broken. I do understand where he is coming from but him and I are a perfect match. He means a lot to me and I will not stop persuing him b.c I believe that I am falling him so hard. He his so dreamy and so respectful.

Everytime I kiss him he just melts my heart even more and I see why I am so happy to be close to him and with him when I can. Now he needs to realize I am wonderful for him and we are wonderful together. He deserves me and we deserve each other. I just need to really tell him how I feel and see what he says..

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